Awesome Photos!


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Awesome Photos!

Great new photo work from the great folks at Dr. Cowlick’s Photography for The 919! Check them out at:


Our Good Friends – Another Wonderful Blog Reccommendation!


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So many of you enjoyed our last recommendation of a great cooking blog who is a friend of ours, so we’ve recently discovered another friend who is writing also! Join the bubbly Jessica in her writings about her life, her music, and all things fun! Her writings are fun, honest, and something you should check out. So go visit her and tell her we still love her.

Until next time!

~ CG ~

Slowcooking Wonders – Gallas Family Beef Stew!


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This recipe is one of my all time favorites to make! During the fall and winter, it is a staple in our home, and we make it every few weeks – and I hope you enjoy making it too! It’s a great baseline recipe that you can enjoy changing to suit your tastes every time you make it, I love playing with the ingredients dependent on what is available every week!


It is a thick, flavorful, tasty meal for cold weather and you should enjoy making it as much as I do! I make the entire meal in a slow cooker, but you can feel free to simmer it in a large pot as well. It is a great meal you can leave in a slow cooker for a long time, so I like to make it before I leave for work, and I know it’ll be ready when I get home – very convenient!

Beef Stew

Difficulty: 2/5

Time Required: 4 – 8 Hours

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Kharibdyss Completed!


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A while back, I posted some pictures of a Work in Progress model I was painting, with the first few steps of baselayers. You can view that post here.

So I thought I’d update you on the finished Product! I added some more layers, detailing, as well as a great new Coral Base and fully painted Handlers.


Let me know what you think! There will be more pictures later, enjoy!