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This recipe is one of my all time favorites to make! During the fall and winter, it is a staple in our home, and we make it every few weeks – and I hope you enjoy making it too! It’s a great baseline recipe that you can enjoy changing to suit your tastes every time you make it, I love playing with the ingredients dependent on what is available every week!


It is a thick, flavorful, tasty meal for cold weather and you should enjoy making it as much as I do! I make the entire meal in a slow cooker, but you can feel free to simmer it in a large pot as well. It is a great meal you can leave in a slow cooker for a long time, so I like to make it before I leave for work, and I know it’ll be ready when I get home – very convenient!

Beef Stew

Difficulty: 2/5

Time Required: 4 – 8 Hours

What You’ll Need:

About 1.5 pounds Stew Beef cut into bite-sized Chunks


2 Cups Chicken Stock

Potatoes (I use white boiling potatoes, about 5-7 depending on the size)

4-8 carrots

Any other tubers or roots you want to add in, like Sweet Potatoes – This time I used Purple tarot potatoes – delicious!

1 Large White Onion



Olive Oil

Spices you enjoy! I like to use a combination of Cumin, Garam Masala, Paprika, Cayenne Pepper, Chile Peppers, and Cinnamon!


What You’ll Need to Do:


I have a great slow cooker that can saute veggies and meat as well, so I’ll use this to do all my early cooking. If you don’t have that, its okay! Just use a pan on medium-high heat.

First we’ll add in some olive oil to heat up, then toss in your Beef and season it with your spices, definitely using Salt and Pepper.


Then add in about a half cup of Flour and coat the meat nicely to thicken it up. Then cook the beef until it browns, about 7-10 minutes.


Meanwhile, you’ll want to start the hardest part of the recipe – chopping vegetables!

I’ve chopped up my onions, minced garlic…101_0415

Potatoes, roots, and carrots…


Look at that vibrant color! I love it.

By now our beef should be nicely cooked through, so add in the garlic and onion to saute for about 3 minutes, until it turns clear.


As soon as you are ready, we’re going to build our full stew for the easy part!

Toss in your veggies – Carrots, potatoes, etc.


Then 2 cups of stock! I also like to add any red wine I’ve got around, as well as an extra pinch of seasoning, plus any extras I may have around, like thyme or Bay Leaves.


Look at that! We’re all ready!

Cover the slowcooker or pot, and set it to low for as long as you can! The more you cook the stew, the more tender your ingredients will be – I like to use the low setting for 8 hours. If you only have 4-6 hours, I’d recommend cooking on high for 15-30 minutes first.

When the timer ends, you may want to add a few extra steps depending on how it looks. I like to add another handful of flour, plus a cup of water and cook on high for another 15 minutes, just to thicken the stew – I don’t like my stew too watery so this will help the broth! You also may find that the colors have dulled in the cooking process and, though it tastes wonderful, it may look drab!

The trick is to add a squeeze of lemon juice right at the end, plus some fresh veggies or spices like red pepper or a sprig of thyme right as you serve to really help the presentation pop.

And Voila!


When your stew is done, serve it up with some warm bread and enjoy!

This should make enough to last your family for several days, so be sure to keep a few extra tupperware containers handy!

Let me know what you think!