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So this has got to be one of my favorite holidays of the year. And while both Shannon and I are working most of the day, we’re really kicking off the celebration this weekend at our good friends’ Tara and Eric’s Masquerade Ball to celebrate their engagement! So, you’ll get plenty of pictures of that later, but for now…here are some of the goodies of Halloweens Past.

And while it is very very hard to find pictures of Shannon in Costume that aren’t wildly inappropriate, I have done my best.

I hope you’re prepared for this.


I’m pretty sure she is dressed as Ellen Paige? Or something? Nevertheless, rollerskates and parties are rarely a good combination…except on Halloween.


I decided to go all out for an Intramural Soccer League, and dress as one of the Maori All Blacks


…And attempt to do the Haka


Another year…another coordinated costume. Turns out Top Gun fits right in with…



That’s right. The Village People. Woo.Image

And what would Halloween be without our favorite home Mascot getting into costume???



This is my first Halloween ever with Shannon. She went as a football Referee, and I…well…ImageImageImage

Officer Dangle reporting for duty.Image

Oh yeah. Wayne’s World. Party time. Excellent!Image

And last year, the band K!CKed it up a new level and went as a band of doctors for Halloween weekend. So many stethoscope accidents….


So what were your best Costumes ever?? Show us some pictures and we can compare!