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I couldn’t sleep, so I took to what I do best when I cannot sleep: drown myself in music and write.  Here is what I was listening to, and what I came up with.  Enjoy.


Apparently Transparent
I am as fictitious and malicious as they come…
Oh yeah and I can do that for you too.
Yeah, one by one.
If I cause you harm it’s just because you couldn’t see the c
And it’s not my fault that you roam around so blindly.

Hole me accountable and I’ll hold you closer.

Grabbing wrists and showing fists at the sight of an intoxicated kiss.
It’s not this trip, it’s a long list of infractions
I am so mixed and pissed.

Cool down.  Cool down.
Mr. Righteous, Mr. Vicious
Cool down.  Cool down.
Mr. Lethal and Mr. Suspicious
You were once so delicious and now you’re bitter to the bite.
Pretenders are alcoholics with bender that break realities back bone
So it can’t walk home, oh.
Realities paralyzed and it’s all thanks to your compromise.
Your intoxicated compromise.

Insecurity ran from you an came to me.
Call me Mrs. Lucky.
And all our common ground is looking in the wrong places for all the wrong faces.

Be cautious and I’ll be me.
Because we both know that I can clearly deal with the dirt that you kicked up.

Be bold and I’ll be me.
Because we both know that I can hold up against and shit storm that you’re stirred up.

Throw the dice so they drop on the hot spot.
Throw the rice at the bride because she’s far too thin for the turbulence that is ‘i do.’

Charm is a motivation that has no arms and has never even felt a pair of legs.
Charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm…

Steady, heavy, and push the levi to the…
Push the levi to the…
Ready, set, let’s get low.

I sunk my teeth into this beat and got lost within its rhythm.
I shrunk this sheet and got lost within its street sensibility.
They have me all wrong, but at least they have me, right?
I could be filled with delight despite the constant slights thrown my way.
Luckily I can catch, some in fact say that I am the catchiest catch.
But I choose to let loose of the negative vibes.
I ride the ride that will have my back til the end of time.
Subjective subjects are elective subjects.
And if I have my prospects all lined up then I won’t have enough.
So so so so fed up.
But this is the life I lead and this is my own literary seed.
I plant it within the spoiled soil that I walk upon.
I thrive on the way you talk on top of me.
It’s so simply placed and spaced
But you cannot reach this high
I never thought my fingers would come in handy like this.
But the tips of them are towards the sky.

You give me dirt and I chirp until a plant grows.
I chirp until a worm found its home.
Throw hate and I’ll knock it down.
Throw love and I’ll rock it like wow.
Throw hate and I’ll knock it down
Round and round and round.


Pardon my deep breaths.
It’s one of the ways I cope with stress>
I hope you regret the rest of your regret the rest of your…
Fill in the black with a verb that you think would impress them
I would __________ you harder.

I’ve been gone on a nightly basis.
Can you take this?
Could you fake this?
If you could attack or attract without fail
Which option would you let sail?
Would you sign the contract and ask for your pen back?

A soul isn’t a soul unless it has a proper roll with a tangible body to uphold its integrity.
I have a bit more to my bones by now
Yeah, I have a bit more to my bones this time around.

\m/ SBG \m/