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Last night Shannon and I got off work early and were able to head out the North Carolina State Fair with some friends of hers from work. Now, after performing at the South Carolina Fair last year for 8 days…I pretty much swore I’d never go again. I mean, really, what is there to like? You pay $9 a person so you can walk around and pay $10 for a Gator on a Stick and Deep Fried Ho-Hos. Okayyy…answered my own question there. So here I was, back again baby!


After about a 20 minute walk from our …partially legal parallel parking job on the side of the road (in a ditch. ahem.) we were assaulted by the sights, sounds, and smells of the fair. Seriously, this thing is one heckuva Carnival! 3 Ferris Wheels, concerts, flashing lights, food for miles, and…every 5 minutes, the oh-so-popular deafening roar of a Tractor Pull (and occasionally the much more satisfying clank of an engine committing Hari-Kari on the sled track)


But still…this was fun! There is something about the atmosphere of a carnival that draws us all in.

So of course our first order of business was to rustle up some grub – fair style. As in, everything you eat is the largest damn thing you have ever laid eyes on…and you want all of it! Ironically, every drink you can find at the fair is tiny as can be, which is part of the shtick, dont ya know. I mean, seriously, check out this bloomin’ onion.


I don’t even know how they GROW onions that big. It took four of us to finish HALF. And I’m sure in Texas that’s a puny fella devoured by your 6 year old nephew.

But I think the most enjoyable part of it all for me was the Garden exhibit – particularly at night the landscaping displays take on a charm all their own that makes you forget about the 5 pound brick of roast corn and fried dough in your stomach. Some of the displays were hilarious


Yep. That is a Sasquatch.

Others were Charming, Quirky, or just downright Weird. There was an enchanted garden Treehouse with a waterfall that every man on earth would love to sit in with a cooler of Buds and a fishing pole and live contentedly for all his days. And there are displays that just remind you of Happy Times Рlike this Giant Adirondack Chair you can see all over the beaches of Delaware


Cute, right?

So after some Fireworks and one more piece of Fried Pecan Pie….we’re outta there, see ya later Alligator, its been fun!

But seriously. My stomach is NOT going to thank me today. Its been nice State Fair, but I think I’ve had my fill of you for another year. Cheers!