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Scattered with drawings and photographs two sizes too big.
A girl.
Sitting in a chair with two drinks too many.
Singularity is the key factor in a life without love.
Don’t forget it’s only Sunday and there’s a full week ahead.
The pain goes away once the minutes pass by.
It’s amazing how much everything turns into nothing in moments like this.
I’ve given into truth.
Because when you’ve got nothing there’s nothing to lose.
It’s the ugliest words you’ve ever read.
In the prettiest song you’ve ever heard.
But don’t give in.
It’s not your fault at all.
It’s tomorrow that’s holding the bad news.
It’s today that typed it up.

I gave in.
It’s my fault I can’t even feel my legs.
But it feels good to not feel.
So don’t pity me, even if I’m rendered shitty.
NO, don’t pity me, because I’m alive, nonetheless.
I can still laugh in the face of hopelessness.
I can still realize it’s at least somewhat real.
Despite the fact that driving is out of the question.
And I still haven’t heard back.
There’s actually an amazing hope one door away.
But it’s too late, and I don’t want to bother you.
You’ve been a great friend.
Even if you don’t show it.

But this is where I’ll end it all.
Not in a life and death kind of way.
But in a literal poetic nothing kind of way.
So don’t hang onto words you understand.
They’re just letters in unalphabetical order anyway.

\m/ SBG \m/