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So last week in our Monday Funday Post I mentioned that I was working on Painting a fantastic plastic miniature called the Kharibdyss. It’s by no means finished, but I thought I’d give a photo update on that and a few other things we’ve been planning since last week.

So here goes!

I started with a black Primer, to which I added a basecoat of Dark Purple (Naggaroth Night is the name of the paint color)

so after the basing the whole thing looks like this:


Doesn’t look like much, but trust me, its the foundation for the entire color palette.

So next we start adding some shading. I chose a medium Purple (Xereus Purple) for the first layer. Starting in from the center of the underbelly and tentacle necks, I painted outward in light strokes, allowing the brush to pick up the raised areas, leaving some dark shades in the recesses. We’ll highlight some of these further in a later step, but for now we’re getting some dynamic color.


Notice how some natural lighting effects are starting to appear. Cool!

So now I added in yet another lighter layer (Genestealer Purple) to the undersections, to start to give the whole thing a more dynamic skin feel. I want the underbelly to gradually lighten, as it is the softer, less exposed section of the armored body.  So for now, the whole thing looks like this:


At this point, I’ve got some filling in to do in the cracks in the chest, plus several more layers before I wash the entire thing out, add some scales and highlights, as well as soft glazes to get the right color shading, but I’m pretty happy with how its started to turn out. Let me know what you think!

In another note, Shannon and I are planning a trip to both the State Fair, and the Fear Farm this weekend….Words cannot express how excited I am for this. Until next time, dear readers….Chow!