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Okay, okay. I totally forgot Monday Funday this week, but that doesn’t mean I can’t show off what we’re reppin’ this week!

Let’s K!CK it off!

What we’re Listening to:

“All for You” by Sister Hazel. Throwback! Also, “Tush” by ZZ Top – cause this song is all kinds of awesome

What we’re Watching:

In between catching up on Family Guy, the Walking Dead, and Bones, we’ve gotten a new set of episodes for “Once Upon a Time.” Please don’t judge us. Remember that thing I wrote about the soft value of Trash Fiction? Yeah.


What we’re Reppin and Readin’:

Hyperion by Dan Simmons. Seriously, if you’ve never read this…you absolutely need to. Now.


Also…one of my all time guilty pleasures…Dune the movie. Starring Sting. Yeah, the guy from the police. Also tons of other famous people you’ve heard of and forgot were in this ridiculously confusing film. Like Patrick Stewart. Wat. But the best part? This:


And with that, I leave you for today. Enjoy!