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As every team knows, from every cliche in every sports movie or interview in history, good teams must overcome adversity to become champions. This is why I, Casey, Feel confident that my Ultimate Fantasy Football team, “Just in Time Tucker,” will overcome our serious Tight End Problems this week, and continue on the path to glory. Never mind the fact that we lost BOTH starting receivers from the Atlanta Falcons in one day, plus submarined the future potential of Matt Ryan, our Quarterback – and ne’er you mind that Calvin Johnson didn’t play last week and seems to be Questionable once again…we shall prevail. I hope. Seriously, I need help. I’m starting Terrell Pryor, Alshon Jeffrey, and Justin Blackmon this week. It’s not gonna be pretty. But fantasy problems are part of the fun! And I guess it could be worse…I could be the 0-5 Steelers. Badum. What tribulations are your not-so-real but oh-so-important teams going through this week?

Oh and P.S.

Shannon is still tied for First Place. Woof.

But really. How can I lose with this guy as my mascot!?!?


Mmm. Gritty. Manlike. Sexy.