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Hey all,

So today was the first edition of what we like to call the Fifteen Minute Poet. We are occasionally inspired briefly by something we see, hear, read, etc. and want to write something quick down to reflect on it.  In this case, I was inspired by today’s WordPress prompt, “Stillness.” In the future, we’d like to get you our readers as involved as possible in this, so here’s how it works.


You give us a theme, a challenge, or even just a word – whatever you like, in the comments below, and we’ll write a poem in fifteen minutes or less about it, and post it here! The idea is to crowdsource our creativity with our readers, and work on that most difficult of artistic endeavors, Finishing. So give it a shot. What inspires you today? 

And you can read my first Fifteen Minute Poem here


~ CG ~