As I embark in the journey that is baking, I come across my first problem solving activity: the recipe calls for a POUND of confectioners’ sugar. For all of you who know, pounds is not a measurement of volume which means I can’t use measuring cups to weigh out my sugar. So I go with what my grandmother once told me, “when in doubt, do more.” So happy birthday, hon, your present might be diabetes…

All is ready to embark in the journey of combining things and heating them up (that really is why baking is, right?).


So after I spent what felt like three hours sifting one pound (Google told me that was about 4 3/4 cups) of sugar, I was able to make the icing. I was also able to eat most of the icing. Delish, if I can say so myself.


Next it was on to the cake. Super easy. Not much going on there. You can’t really mess this up…but I did.

…just kidding. They came out perfectly.


And then the battle of the icing. I went the “imperfect” route. It’s a very delicate process where you schlep as much icing as you want and swirl it around until the cake is covered to your liking. I had my grandmother mantra in my head again, “when in doubt, do more.” As I was smothering the cake with sugary goodness, I realized that my grandmother was probably not talking about baking….oh well.


Finished product 🎯