Trials of a new homeowner, part one

So Shannon and I bought our very first home exactly one week ago. Yay! And to get ready for the move, I have spent countless hours chopping, choosing, seeding, weeding, watering and what have you. And all of this had created some great stories I will be glad to skate with you, but first I must talk about my new discovery.
So this week I was able to cut my own grass for the very first time (what little fully grown grass there is) and I quickly realized that tree roots and a field of weed-leaf clovers can easily outsmart the average lawnmower. This rapidly lead to my purchase of my absolutely new favorite power tool (shut up, I’m calling it that, and I’m writing so I get to! ) that’s right, the almighty weed whacker.
I mean HELLO! This thing is amazing! Why did nobody ever tell me his much fun this is?!?! I immediately charge the battery and fire it up and I’m all like



In the immortal words of Dr. Aaron Krochmal

So now I’m hacking and whacking away at crabgrass, vines, shrubs, edges….. You name it I’ve whacked it.

Oops. That came out wrong. But still, all hail the mighty weedwhacker, bane of my garden!

Got any fun homeowner stories to tell? Share them in the comments below!